Sunday, October 19, 2014

I endorse Jerako Biaje for Toronto School Board Trustee in Ward 5, York Centre

Jerako Biaje
As I noted in an earlier post (here), the Toronto District School Board has a well-deserved reputation as the most dysfunctional school board in Canada. We need to vote out the incumbents who have made such a mess of things.

In School Board Ward 5 (York Centre), I endorse Jerako Biaje. Of all the candidates running to replace our current incompetent Trustee, she looks like far the best.

Here’s where Jerako stands on the issues:

Hi Brian,

Re. Consolidating Half Empty Schools and Closing the Emptiest Schools:
I am willing to consolidate half-empty schools and close the emptiest ones. I would hope that the parents and residents in Ward 5 share that view. However, my job will be to represent you/Ward 5. As a side note: I hold a strong position against selling TDSB owned property.

Re. Curriculum:
Yes, I have already turned a skeptical eye on social justice classes as well as working to get the politics out of schools. I have grave concerns regarding the curriculum. Prior to leaving the Board's Parent Involvement Advisory Committee, we were gaining momentum on our Curriculum Committee on this issue. Working to get politics out of our schools is a must!

Re. Budget:
I am going to be the Board’s nightmare regarding the budget. The budget will be held up like a mirror – I am a vigilante. I know who the main perpetrators are regarding the people who have completely disregarded and disrespected their fiscal responsibility. Hold me accountable, too.

My job will be to represent you and the rest of Ward 5. I will bring the items from the Board back to parents and residents for their vote (by way of Ward council meeting/email/newsletter). If for some reason we do not share the same position I will represent your position, that is my job.

I hope these answers have been helpful.

Thank you,

Visit her Jerako’s Facebook page here and her Twitter page here.

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