Thursday, August 14, 2014

Palestinian terrorist rocket hits Egypt, kills one child, injures two

Israel isn't the only country in the Middle East that has to deal with terrorism: Photo of Egyptian tourist bus bombed by terrorists, Feb 16,  2014
CAIRO Aug 13 (Reuters) - One child was killed and two others were wounded when a rocket landed on their home in the Egyptian town of el-Mattallah south of Rafah, near the border with Gaza, security and medical sources told Reuters on Wednesday.
Sara Salama, 13, died while her brother Khaled, 8, and sister Rahaf, 2, sustained serious injuries and were taken to hospital.
The rocket impact is the third to hit the area in recent weeks, security sources said, adding that Egyptian authorities were investigating the incident.
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Most likely these rockets hitting Egypt are misfires; Hamas or one of the other terrorist groups that makes its home in Gaza, firing missiles towards Israel, hoping to kill Jewish children, but they’ve missed Israel completely and murdered an Egyptian child instead.
It’s possible, though, that Hamas is firing rockets into Egypt deliberately, trying to send a message to the Egyptian authorities that Hamas is just as capable of terror against Egypt as it is against Israel – more so, as Egypt doesn’t have Israel’s defences.  – Brian

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  1. Enjoyed Tribune article on boycotting Star, which I stopped buying ages ago. Unfortunately, we're unlikely to see any mass boycott from within our community, (even though I sense that many like me have dropped it)

    Which is a prime reason why they feel free to spew their propaganda mainly against us and not others. They know there's very little push back, (though all honor to the funeral homes for dropping them, were only others to follow their example)