Sunday, March 2, 2014

Russia invades Ukraine; the Canadian Peace Congress blames Canada

Russian troops in Ukraine
As Russia invades Ukraine, the Canadian Peace Congress has issued a statement condemning the US, the EU, NATO and especially Canada for our "imperialist ambitions" in Ukraine. Not a word about Russian troops crossing Ukraine's border and taking control of strategic sites in Crimea.

Why? Because the Canadian Peace Congress has no interest whatsoever in peace. It's purely a far-left, anti-Western group. And more's the pity, far too much of our supposed peace groups are much the same.

I've pasted in the lunatic statement from Canadian Peace Congress below this lovely old clip from South Park:

The deteriorating crisis in Ukraine is extremely dangerous. There is an immediate threat of a regional or world war. Interference by foreign powers in complex internal affairs has widened divisions and deepened the crisis, and has even helped strengthen openly fascist forces within the country.

The Canadian Peace Congress is particularly concerned that the US, EU and NATO – the most powerful forces of imperialism – have been manipulating and encouraging the conflict, in an effort to provoke “regime change” in Ukraine and bring about a realignment of Europe in the process.
In particular, we are concerned that the situation in Ukraine is a key element in NATO’s ongoing strategy of expansion in Europe, and encirclement of Russia. It is notable that, as the crisis in Ukraine developed, NATO has become increasingly aggressive both in its efforts to draw Georgia into the military alliance, and its drive to install missile defence weaponry in Poland.
Canada, a member of NATO, has sent Foreign Minister John Baird to Ukraine with the clear purpose of encouraging the pro-EU and pro-NATO faction that has taken over the present government in Kiev. This follows on a unanimous motion in the Canadian Parliament in January, that voiced support for anti-government protests and encouraged sanctions.
Canadian Peace Congress asserts that it is the sole right of the peoples of each country to determine the path of their social, economic and political development, free from foreign interference. The Canadian government’s efforts to meddle in Ukraine’s internal affairs, and to use the crisis to pursue imperialist ambitions, is shameful and should be denounced.
Please contact Members of Parliament now, and call upon the government to immediately stop its interference, and prevent war in Ukraine. Click here for a list of email addresses for all Members of Parliament.
P.S. Over in Britain, the Stop the War Coalition has adopted much the same stance as our own Canadian nutters. The Economist Magazine has gone through the bother of analyzing Stop the War's anti-Western response toward the crisis in Ukraine here.

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  1. The new Ukranian regime has openly stated its hatred of Jews and Russians. To support the new Ukrain is to support the creation of a new racist anti-Jewish state which I don't think is your intention. Please reconsider your position in this matter.