Friday, January 31, 2014

Scarlett Johansson opts for peace over bigotry

The antisemitic charity Oxfam has had a longstanding loathing for the only democracy in the Middle East. Oxfam doesn't get too upset about Syria where the government has killed 130,000 civilians (and counting) in the course of a bloody civil war. 

Oxfam doesn't mind Gaza at all, even though it's run by a terrorist group that oppresses the people of Gaza and openly dedicates itself to killing Jews. Oxfam isn't even too fussed by North Korea, a government busily starving its population.

In fact the only country on earth that Oxfam believes should be boycotted is a liberal democracy that safeguards the rights of all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity, creed or colour.

Now Oxfam has parted ways with its most important "ambassador," the actress Scarlett Johansson, who has raised tens of millions of dollars for Oxfam. 

You can't do an ad for SodaStream, they told her. 

Why not? 

Apparently because SodaStream is a model of Palestinian-Israeli cooperation.

SodaStream makes carbonation kits so you can make your own pop at home. SodaStream operates a manufacturing plant at the Mishor Adumim industrial park, inside the West Bank, 10 minutes from Jerusalem. The plant employs Israeli Jews and Arabs and Palestinians – including in management level positions. 

Additionally, the company provides Muslim employees with a company prayer room and break time so that they can pray – as well as benefits for all employees which includes transportation to the facility, subsidized daily meals, medical aid, maternity leave, vacation and a pension plan.

SodaStream employs more than 500 West Bank Palestinians, making the company the largest single employer of Palestinians outside of the Palestinian Authority. Moreover, as SodaStream is a profitable, forward-looking company, it pays good Israeli wages – which are two or three times the average wage in the West Bank.

All this makes SodaStream a special target for the anti-Israel crowd, which just hates the idea of peaceful cooperation.

Oxfam told Johansson it’s either us or SodaStream. Johansson chose SodaStream. It’s a no-brainer really: peace and cooperation over bigotry.

Oxfam revived the blood libel for this poster, urging people to boycott the only democracy in the Middle East.

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