Sunday, September 29, 2013

Far left ideologue wanted for Toronto elementary school

The Alpha Alternative School, a Toronto public school, is looking for an elementary teacher with who is a far left ideologue. Preference given to graduates of OISE. Duties and qualifications include:
  • Will collaborate with fellow teachers and parents to create developmentally appropriate social justice programming, and infuse critical perspectives into the curriculum.
  • Able to open conversations and non-judgmentally and collaboratively deal with homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, classism, gender stereotyping, colonialist bias as it is brought into school by young children and unaware adults.
  • Experience in community facilitation, peace-building and conflict resolution, in school or other contexts
  • Experience and skills in integrating and infusing anti-racism, anti-oppression into schooling approach and curriculum.
  • Experienced commitment to anti-oppression, decolonization, equity and social justice
Critical perspective: The candidate must view Canada as an oppressive society, while arguing that any flaws in non-Western nations are the fault of colonial powers and the West in general.
Colonialist bias: The belief that you’re not responsible for what some other white people did a couple hundred years ago; you are, and the children must be made to understand that they are, too.
Peace-building: In an international context, this means helping Palestinian terrorists.
Anti-oppression: White males are oppressors. Children need to have this explained to them.
Social Justice: The political flavour of the month.

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