Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heather Mallick says the terrorist plot is really a Tory plot

"Bottom line? I don't take the train anyway. And neither do my friends."
I admit it, they had me fooled. Like practically every other Canadian, I thought the RCMP had arrested two jihadists because they were planning a terrorist attack. Thank goodness Heather Mallick set me straight. In today's Toronto Star, Mallick asserts these arrests are "dubious."

Who would want to blow up a Via Train? says Mallick. Surely they could think of a better target. "And why would Al Qaeda, Sunni by nature, work with Iran, a Shiite nation?"

None of this fits with Mallick's preconceptions.

But worst of all: "The police press conference consisted of a dozen white male cops - and a token female." Not a brown face among them. Clearly, this so-called "terrrorist plot" is really a Tory plot!

Of course if Mallick were a journalist, she might have found out that the terrorists planned to derail a Via train on the trestle as it was crossing the border between Canada and the States. A train full of passengers falling into the Niagara River would be quite spectacular, even if aimed against a pitiful old Via train.

As for al Qaeda and Iran, yes, they do consider each other heretics. Yes, they'll likely get around to killing each other some day, but like anyone, they have priorities. First, they'd like to kill or enslave the infidels, starting with Americans, Westerners in general, and Jews. And while they're busy with that fairly tall order, they're willing to sometimes work together.

Indeed, The Western intelligence community has long known that al Qaeda has a branch in Iran. It's not a secret. With a few minutes' research. Mallick could have learned that Iran tolerates al Qaeda's presence. Has for more than a decade.

The RCMP says Iran wasn't directing the attack against Canada. But that doesn't mean Iran is innocent. In the wake of the uncovered terrorist plot, Iran has not promised to kick al Qaeda out of the country or to ship the terrorist masterminds off to Canada.

Until two days ago, the intelligence community believed that Iran wouldn't allow al Qaeda to launch terrorist attacks from Iranian soil. Looks like that's changed. And why not? After all what's Canada going to do about it? Bomb Iran?

The Toronto Star wouldn't even support Canada sending a mild diplomatic protest. Heather Mallick doesn't even believe the terror plot was real. She thinks this "dubious" arrest was cooked up to make Canadians support the Tory's anti-terror bill currently being debated in the House of Commons.

As if. As if the Tories, with their majority, need to direct the RCMP to frame a couple of people to help them pass this law. As if, when the Liberals are also going to vote for this bill - giving it the support of two-thirds of the House of Commons.

In truth, the notion that theses arrests are a Tory plot is so mad that you could only read it on an al Qaeda website, or in The Toronto Star. 

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  1. I guess Heather also took no notice of the "strange bedfellowship" between HAMAS and Iran when the Sunni Arab states cut off support so as not to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood movements in the surrounding region either, which has persisted until Al Assad started slaughtering unarmed Sunnis en mass in Syria.