Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Toronto District School Board has 1,545 people on staff making more than $100,000

If you’ve ever worried that teachers might not make enough money – as was certainly true in the bad old days – worry no more. The average teacher’s salary is $84,000 a year, plus great benefits. And 201 teachers working for the Toronto Board make more than $100,000, including 83 curriculum leaders or assistants  and 76 ordinary secondary school teachers, who make up to $173,000. For this teachers work nine months a year, with no requirement to lead any extracurricular activities.  

Here’s the breakdown from the Sunshine List:

6  plumbers working for the TDSB made more than $100,000 (which all by itself explains why we can’t afford to keep our schools in good working order)

17 Central Coordinating Principals $120,740.23 to $139,581.70

19 Superintendents of Education $151,424.07 - $173,213.71

83 Curriculum Leaders Secondary or Assistant Curriculum Leaders Secondary $100,013.12 - $159,312.04

261 Principal or Vice Principal Secondary $100,606.15 - $160,068.19 - A VP Secondary tops the salary list in this category

567 Principals, Elementary $100,344.30 - $154,880.40

76 Teachers, Secondary $100,000 - $173,000

42 Teachers, Elementary $100,071.19 - $155,666.92

And of course Chris Spence, former director of education - $270,000 and $19,000 in benefits. After resigning for serial plagiarism, Spence was given a $200,000 golden parachute. The new acting director of education also gets a salary similar to Spence's, in the $200,000-plus range. Let's hope she earns it.

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