Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bob Hepburn of the Toronto Star recommends Premier Wynn adopt a secret agenda

Until it came to public attention, the Toronto District School
Board, where Premier Wynne got her start as a politician,
supplied teachers with this resource on sex tips for teens,
which included advice on how to use vegetables as sex toys.
In his column in today’s Toronto Star, Bob Hepburn argues that it’s too risky for the Liberals to openly endorse a new sex education curriculum for Ontario schools. If adopted, the new curriculum will explain anal sex and blow jobs to twelve-year-olds and make sure that eight-year-olds understand homosexuality.

As a minister in Dalton McGuinty's government, Kathleen Wynne tried to introduce this new curriculum a couple years ago. A lot of people objected, arguing that kids should be allowed their innocence. With an election coming up, Dalton McGuinty decided that pushing the new curriculum through would be political suicide.

But now Kathleen Wynne is premier and she believes passionately that twelve-year-olds have to understand anal sex. In fact in her very first news conference on January 27 after winning the Liberal leadership Wynne promised to re-introduce the new sex-ed curriculum.

Problem is this new curriculum is still political suicide. Hepburn’s solution is simple: Don’t tell anyone what you plan to do till after the next election. As Hepburn says, rather than go ahead with the new sex-ed program now: “the wiser move would be to wait until after securing a fresh mandate in an election that could occur as early as this summer.

And then of course, with the Liberals having won re-election, it will be too late for the people of Ontario to have any say about what our kids will be taught in school.

Fortunately, Hepburn's just a sleazy columnist for the Toronto Star, not a politician. I trust that if Kathleen Wynne wants twelve-year-olds to be learn about blow jobs in school, she'll campaign on the issue, not sneak in her new sex-ed program after winning re-election.

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