Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle of the Justins – Trudeau vs Bieber

Trudeau tries for cute

I’m voting for Justin!

Not Trudeau. I want someone serious. I mean, Trudeau's 41 years old and, until he entered politics a few years ago, he never had a real job. The closest he came was being a part-time drama teacher. Before that? A snowboarding instructor.

So, no, I want someone serious: I want Justin Bieber.

Unlike Trudeau, Bieber’s got real world experience. He’s still in his teens and already has a wildly successful career. No snowboard instructing for him.

Bieber’s more serious on the issues, too. The Liberal leadership campaign dragged on for ten tedious months, and in all that time, no one’s been able to drag a policy out of Trudeau.

Bieber –  the genuine article

But even though he’s not in politics at all, Bieber ’s big on social issues. He got Access Hollywood host Billy Bush to donate $5,000 dollars to the food bank in Bieber’s hometown of Stratford.

Bieber himself donated $100,000 to Whitney Elementary School. And for his 17th birthday, he asked fans to donate $17 to charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing drinking water to people in developing nations. Naturally, Charity Water's cup now runneth over.

Justin Trudeau is supposed to be the king of new media. He has 199 thousand twitter followers. Justin Bieber has 37 million followers. That’s more than the population of Canada.

Tudeau is supposed to connect with the youth. That’s a giggle! Justin Bieber is a bona fide teen idol!

Really, match the Justins up however you want: Trudeau sucks, Bieber rocks. So let’s get serious: vote for Justin – Justin  Bieber!

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  1. The Beebs could have been the new Liberal leader using their new rules. The pay cut would have been brutal though...