Friday, May 18, 2012

United Church pastor breaks ranks on Israel, denounces ‘radical agenda’

Rev. Andrew Love leaving a prayer in a crack in the
Western Wall of the ancient Jewish temple in Jerusalem

A United Church of Canada minister has started a campaign to get rank-and-file members to reject a proposal from the church’s hierarchy to launch an economic boycott against Israel.
“I really want to believe this is the workings of a very active minority in the church,” said Andrew Love, a pastor at a parish in the town of Arnprior, 55 kilometres west of Ottawa.
“The vast majority of people in the pews are not ready to embrace this kind of extremist and radical agenda from a small minority. There is a real disconnect between the leadership and its people.”
He said the proposal contains “elements of anti-Semitism” by minimizing the importance of the Holocaust.
Last week, a working group of the United Church released a paper that called for a selective boycott of goods coming out of what the authors call illegal Israeli settlements, including East Jerusalem. 
This is the fourth proposal concerning sanctions against Israel in the past six years but none was ever voted on by the general council. However, this is the first proposal requested by the church leadership. Other proposals came from grassroots initiatives.
Rev. Love said he will launch a website in the next few days that will ask for support from co-religionists who are also concerned about calls for a boycott and anti-Israel sentiment in the church.
“This report is biased and one-sided and will erode a commitment we made as a church in a [2003 report] to strengthen ties with the Jewish community,” he said.
In 2009, Rev. Love said he travelled to Israel and spent time on the West Bank speaking to families who were having a tough time under Israeli rule. He said at one point he was pelted by stones by Israeli settlers because he was speaking with Palestinians.
“So it’s not that I’m blinded to the plight of Palestinians,” Rev. Love said. “But where is the sense of balance in this report? Once again we are isolating Israel for all our moral condemnation. Shouldn’t we hold to the same fashion other countries in the Middle East? It’s absurd that Israel is singled out because it’s a democracy.”
He added: “The report is almost completely silent on Israel’s very legitimate concerns to protect itself from terrorism as well as the ever present threat from Iran and the proxy forces that work for Iran in the region.”
He said the authors of the report also did not go far enough to denounce the use of the term “apartheid” when it comes to discussing the situation in Israel today.

You can visit Rev. Love’s web site here, and do send him a message of support here - I imagine it’s lonely standing up to the dominant clique in his church.

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  1. the grand mufti of Jerusalem during ww11 lived in berlin. he was an avid supporter of hitler. the middle eastern arab countries supported the nazi regime in order to get rid of the brits. the united church should know who their friends are. the arabs cheered as london was being bombed. the united church should focus on arabs countries that are intimidating christians and encouraging them to leave, such as egypt, libya, tunisia and lebanon. maybe when the united church has settled its lawsuits with the First Nations they can re-focus on more imperative issues rather than promoting antisemitism and an Israeli boycott.